HTC Vive best horror games

Experiencing horror games in VR can be terrifying, when creepy zombies or monster are crawling a way to you.
We have listed some best games that we have tested or are really promising when released.

Best horror games for HTC Vive

Resident Evil 7Best horror games

Resident Evil is know for many previous releases as a zombie massacre horror game.
Currently only available on Playstation 4 VR. The game takes place in creepy forest, houses and basements. Virtual reality takes this game to whole new level of experience. Fighting with scary monsters and solving puzzles the same time can by tricky and hard.

Arizona SunshineArizona Sunshine

Currently available on Steam with HTC Vive, this game takes you to a sunny arizona. Finding your way in dark mines and houses is really fun. This games involves much shooting and explosions with grenades. There isn’t much puzzle solving issues like in Resident Evil 7, but more like point and shoot based.

The Brookhaven ExperimentThe Brookhaven Experiment

Survival-horror game where you must defend you position from monsters and creatures. Giving you wide list of weapons and explosives. This game tracks your kills and gives you points for you performance. How long can you survive when a horde is coming?

ZombieFight VR

Best HTC Vive horror games

ZombieFight VR is a stand based action game where you must protect your little base with weapons. The animations and effects are really good, zombies will try to fight the way to you and there are even bigger monsters waiting on the corner. This is deffinitely one game you must try when using HTC Vive for gaming.

What is HTC Vive?

It’s Virtual Reality headset bringing you games in experience you have never seen before, with good tracking and screen resolutions the graphics are really good. For more detailed information checkout from our other article about HTC Vive. HTC Vive, Steam and SteamVR