Best tablet for kids (January. 2019)

How to choose a tablet?Best tablet for kids

While the tablets are now under an intensive debate that whether they should be produced or not. There is a drastic decrease in the sales of the tablet. The main reason is the latest smartphones with all the advanced features. But still, if you are thinking of buying a tablet, then there are certain factors to decide before choosing a tablet. Size is one of the important factors to decide. Decide on the size depending on the portability and the level of display that you need. Then the second factor is the operating system. There are mainly 3 operating systems available. Decide after looking at the features available in each operating system. Another important factor in deciding about the tablet is whether you are going to use it or it will be used by your children because there are special tablets available that are specially meant for the children. Application market should also be considered because not all the markets have the same applications so check whether the market has your desired application or not.

Amazon fire HD tablet

what is the best tablet for kids
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Tablets are now getting a lot of importance among the people. They are portable and have a bigger screen than the smartphones too which make them easier to read ebooks. Amazon had released its latest tablet in the market. The name of this tablet is “All new fire HD tablet”. Let’s have a look at its features.The battery is quite good than the previous versions and is capable of delivering the 12 hours timing. The processor is really powerful with a 1.3ghz power and the RAM is truly fantastic which is 1.5gb. these specifications are enough to support any application. Now the storage capacity is 32gb with an additional slot for the SD card to further boost up the storage capacity.
The display is not of excellent quality and like the other Apple products. The display is not retina sharp so it doesn’t give a good visual feel. You need to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership if you want to fully enjoy the real feel of the tablet. The battery takes some extra time to charge completely.

Pros Cons
Great price Display resolution
SD card slot

ProductScreenStorageWeight (pounds)Durability 
Amazon Fire HD 81280x800 (8")32GB0.795/5Check price
Nabi DreamTAB1920x1200 (8")16GB1.45/5Check price
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids1024x600 (7")8GB0.65/5Check price
Apple ipad mini 21536x2048 (7.9")32GB0.735/5Check price
Asus Zenpad S 8.01536x2048 (8")32GB0.75/5Check price

Asus Zenpad S 8.0

Asus Zenpad S 8.0
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Asus products are of good quality and highly reliable. This tablet is one of the product catalogs having some of the best features for the tablet lovers. The tablet is affordable. The display of this tablet is excellent and razor sharp. The table comes with preinstalled software for customizing the screen display features. Brightness, saturation, and color balance can be customized. This is a quite good example of an excellent user experience. The tablet has an enormous amount of storage capacity that is 32 GB. There is also a slot for SD card which can expand the memory to 128gb. The tablet has a good RAM of 4gb for supporting all the applications.
The speakers are not powerful and you have to use hands-free for listening to the music or any audio. The camera of this tablet is also not of good quality and it doesn’t take the pictures of high quality.

Pros Cons
SD card slot Pricey
Memory 2GB/4GB Camera should be better

Apple iPad Mini 2

Apple ipad mini 2
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It is one of the most affordable and simple tablets from the Apple company. The best thing about each Apple product is its sharp display which sets them apart from their counterparts. This tablet has a sharp retina display. The battery timing is also great which makes this tablet ultra portable. The tablet has a decent storage of 16gb. The news is confirmed by the Apple that iPad mini 2 will support iOS 10 which will further enhance its capabilities. The iPad mini 2 is best suited for simple applications like internet surfing, facebook, email, and casual games. It has enough power to support these applications which make it a most affordable quality tablet for simple uses.
Price is much higher as compared to other options available in the market. The internal memory is not that enough to hold bigger applications and the sd card is not supported. The touch id fingerprint sensor is not present in this tablet.

Pros Cons
Excellent display Pricey
App market is big No sd card slot

Nabi DreamTab

Nabi DreamTab
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Your kids surely need a tablet that can enhance their IT and creative skills. Nabi DreamTab is especially meant for the kids. Its hardware, as well as software design perfectly reflect the fact that this is probably one of the best tablets for the kids. It runs on Android operating system which has a clean and easy user interface to use. For protecting it against the drops and careless handling the corners of the rubber jacket are thicker than the other surface. The tablet comes with preloaded educational software which includes drawing and editing software and some basic level games too.
The battery timing is not good. There are many apps that are somewhat for same purposes. The speakers are also not good. The tablet is pricey according to the features it is offering. The camera is also not of good quality.

Pros Cons
Case is strong Less storage
SD card slot Android version old
Memory 2GB

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 kids

Samsung Tab 3 Kids
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The tab 3 is an innovative tablet from Samsung especially made for kids with several parental control features. The display is quite colorful that is most suitable and attractive for the kids. The tablet also has the rubber cover which covers its sides to make it resistant against drops. The operating system is Android with specially customized features for making it children friendly. The tablet comes with preinstalled games and application for kids with parental control options with which the parents can control and display those apps only which could be used by the kids and can block the other apps.
The display is not that sharp like that of latest Apple products. The tablet is not capable of running heavy applications. The camera is of bad quality and takes low-quality pictures.

Pros Cons
Made for kids Display isn’t so good
Cheap Android version old


What is the best tablet for kids?

We recommended for ease of use the Ipad Mini 2, Apple products have great durability and performance. The iOS is well optimized for all the devices and the app market is great.